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coCollege Accounting help

Let us first see what is accounting?

College Accounting Help is an information science used to collect, classifies, and handles financial data for organizations and individuals. Accounting is used to determine financial stability. Accountants determine an organization’s overall wealth, profitability, and liquidity. Accountants are essential employees in an organization and without their calculations no company can make long term goals. For example the budgets for marketing activities, profit reinvestment, and company growth all stem from the work of accountants. Accounting is one of the most important and dignified professions in the world and accountants can be found in every industry.

1 – Financial Accounting

2 – Governmental Accounting

3 – Tax Accounting

4 – Forensic Accounting

5 – Project Accounting

6 – Social Accounting

7- Management Accounting

The process of producing information for external use usually in the form of financial statements. Financial Statements show an organization’s past records and current position based on a set of standards and guidelines known as GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). This generally contains accounting standards (e.g. International Financial Reporting Standards), accounting conventions, and rules and regulations that accountants must follow in the preparation of the financial statements.

Management Accounting produces information which is generally more detailed than that produced for external use. It enables effective organization control and the fulfillment of the strategic aims of the entity. Information can be forecasts or records of budgets which enable enterprises to plan better for future. ‘Cost accounting’ is a branch of management accounting and involves the application of various techniques to monitor and control costs. Its application is more suited to manufacturing concerns.’

Governmental Accounting is also known as public accounting. It is used for accounting information used in the public sector. This is a slight aberration from the financial accounting used in the private sector. In public sector different aims and objectives of the state owned and privately owned institutions are present and therefore require accounting based information.

Tax Accounting refers to accounting for the tax related matters. It is governed by tax laws given by jurisdiction. Tax accountants use information under financial accounting system to give statements prepared according to tax law system. This information is used by tax professionals to estimate tax liability of a company and also for tax planning purposes.

Forensic Accounting is the use of accounting, auditing and investigative techniques in cases of litigation or disputes. They act as expert witness during court trials to state the financial effects of a loss or for detecting financial fraud. Insurance claims, personal injury claims, suspected fraud and claims of professional negligence in a financial matter (e.g. business valuation) are some of the cases where these experts are required.

Project Accounting refers to the use of accounting system to track the financial progress of a project by giving financial reports. These are principally used to give detailed account about a project of company like launch of a new product.

Social Accounting also recognized as Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting and Sustainability ,

Accounting, refers to the procedure of reporting inferences of an organization’s activities on its conversational and social environment.

Accounting principles trails a certain framework of core principles which makes the information generated through an accounting system valuable. Some basic principles are 1) 1. Economic Entity Assumption 2) Monetary Unit Assumption 3) Time Period Assumption 4) Cost Principle 5) Full Disclosure Principle 6) Going Concern Principle 7) Matching Principle 8) Revenue Recognition Principle 9) Materiality 10) Conservatism

ACCOUNTING PERIOD CONCEPT – All the transactions are recorded in the books of accounts on the supposition that profits on these transactions are to be determined for a specified period. This is known as accounting period concept. Thus, this concept requires that a balance sheet and profit and loss account should be prepared at regular intervals. This is obligatory for different purposes like, calculation of profit, ascertaining financial position, tax computation etc.

ACCOUNTING COST CONCEPT – Accounting cost concept states that all assets are noted in the books of accounts at their purchase price, which includes cost of acquisition, transportation and fitting and not at its market price. It concludes that fixed assets like building, plant and machinery, furniture, etc. are recorded in the books of accounts at a price paid for them. For example, a machine was purchased by XYZ Limited for$.500000, for manufacturing shoes. An amount of $.1, 000 was spent on transferring the machine to the factory site. In addition, $.2000 was spent on its installation. The total amount at which the machine will be recorded in the books of accounts would be the sum of all these items i.e. $.503000. This cost is also known as historical cost. Suppose the market price of the same is now $ 90000 it will not be shown at this value. Further, it may be illuminated that cost means original or acquisition cost only for new assets and for the used ones, cost means original cost less depreciation. The outcome of cost concept is that if the business entity does not pay anything for acquiring an asset this item would not appear in the books of accounts. Thus, goodwill appears in the accounts only if the entity has purchased this intangible asset for a price.

College students are worried about completing their college subject’s problems. There are various types of accounting problems and questions where college students get stuck up, such as breakeven analysis, assets, liabilities, ratio analysis, and many more. Our tutors are qualified from reputed universities and are ever ready to provide you help in your ACCOUNTING problems. One can learn advanced bookkeeping techniques that cover final adjustments prior to preparing annual reports. It also includes preparation of financial statements for proprietorship or partnerships, managing and learning techniques of cash flow. One is also exposed to various approaches to cost accounting that are helpful for making critical decisions. With the help of spreadsheet software, one can easily carry out VAT calculations and file returns.

The accounting field is among the fastest growing occupations in the country. A career in accounts will help the students for accounting positions in business and industry, government, and public accounting firms. One can learn to demonstrate knowledge of general business vocabulary specific to the field of Accounting. Simultaneously, the knowledge of those principles and skills can also be applied to general business and those specific to the field of accounting. The ability to apply learned principles and skills to unique factual settings using correct vocabulary is an added advantage. Overall one can obtain a well-rounded general education and can successfully find a job in the Accounting field. We can also Help with Accounting Help, Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting Help.

The college accounting problems help is extremely useful for those who want to acquire more knowledge and build skills in the area of bookkeeping. It specially caters to those who wish to learn more complex accounting techniques. Several accounting practices and techniques are covered, for example maintaining records of cost accounting and preparation of statutory reports and returns.

The knowledge gained about current business administration accounting practices, will help in gaining entry into the vast opportunities for employment. There is a huge demand for qualified accounting staff and the prospects are enormous. By learning more about accounting one can not only get success in college, improve grades but also excel later on in job as well.

The course is designed in such a way that it makes the task of learning easier and very simple.
We do not aim to provide you with just the solution to the question but also explain you the entire method and concepts utilized in solving the question. This methodology has proven to be quite successful in learning and understanding the topic of college accounting. One does not find the topic tough but on the contrary enjoys learning.

Note – Our main motto to help the students with their subjects only to educate the student for better understanding.

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